Epiphany Mail Boxes

Epiphany Ministry of Texas maintains a Post Office box in each of the unit cities.  All correspondence between Epiphany volunteers and Stars is mailed to these P.O. boxes.  Those who wish to correspond with Stars after they have left the facilities will continue to ues the Epiphany Post Office box at their respective community as their return address.  Listed below are the mailing addresses for each unit.  When writing be sure to write the name of the recipient as the first line, and follow with the address.

P.O. Box 71
Brownwood,TX 76802

P.O. Box ?

P.O. 11298
Spring,TX 77391

P.O. Box 680523
San Antonio,TX 78238

Mart – attn: Sue Kalka
P.O. Box 338
Riesel,TX 76682

P.O. Box 886
Post,TX 79356